The books listed were among those most frequently consulted in preparation for the writing of Ruta’s Closet. The names may refer either to authors or in some cases compilers or editors. The current publishers and ISBN catalogue numbers also appear in the cases of widely published books.

Annihilation of Lithuanian Jewry: Oshry, Rabbi Ephraim; Judaica Press 1995. 1-880582-18-X.
Atlas of the Holocaust: Gilbert, Martin, Lester Publishing 1988, 1993, 1-895555-37-X.
Auschwitz: Nazi Death Camp: Piper, F & Swiebocka; T, Auschwitz-Birkenau Mus., 83-85047-74-3.
Barbarosa: Hitler's invasion of Russia 1941: Glantz, David M.; Tempus 2001, 0-7524-1979-X.
Barbarossa: The first 7 days, Fowler, Will; Amber 2004, 0-9544356-8-0.
Black Cross, Red Star: Air war over the Eastern Front Volume 2 Resurgence: Berstrom, C & Mikhailov, A; Pacifica Military History 2001, 0-935553-51-7.
Conscience & courage: Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust: Fogelman, Eva; Anchor Books 1995, 0-385-42028-5.
Death Dealer: Memoirs of the SS Kommandant of Auschwitz: Hoss, Rudolph; Da Capo Press 1992, 0-306-80698-3.
Destruction of the European Jews: Hilberg, Raul; Holmes & Mercer 1985, 0-8419-0910-5
Einsatzgruppen Reports: Arad, Y; Krakowski, S; Spector, S; Yad Vashem 1989, 0-89604-058-5.
Essays on Hitler's Europe: Deak, Istvan; U. Of Nebraska Press 2001, 0-8032-6630-8.
Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three years in the gas chambers: Muller, Filip; Ivan R. Dee 1979, 1-56663-271-4.
Good old days, The: Holocaust as seen by its perpetrators and Bystanders: Various; Konecky & Konecky 1988, 1-56852-133-2.
Hidden Children: Forgotten survivors of the Holocaust: Stein, Andre; Penguin 1994, 0-1401-7051-0.
Historical Dictionary of Lithuania: Suziedelis, Saulius; Scarecrow Press 1997, 0-8108-3335-2.
Hitler 1936-1945 Nemesis: Kershaw, Ian; Norton 2001, 0-393-32252-1.
Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris: Kershaw, Ian; Penguin 1998, 0-14-013363-1.
Hitler's Police Battalions: Westerman, Edward B.; Kansas 2005,0-7006-1371-4.
Holocaust Chronicle, The: Various; Publications Intl. 2000, 0-7853-2963-3.
Holocaust in history: Marrus, Michael; Key Porter 2000, 1-55263-120-6.
Holocaust, The: Gilbert, Martin; Henry Holt & Co. 1985, 0-8050-0348-7.
I escaped from Auschwitz: Vrba, Rudolf; Barricade Books 2002, 1-56980-232-7.
Jews of east central Europe between the world wars: Mendelsohn, Ezra; Indiana University Press, 0-253-33160-9.
Jews of Lithuania, The: Greenbaum, Masha; Gefen 1995, 965-229-132-3
Jews, Lithuanians and the Holocaust: Eidintas, Alfonsas; Versus Aureus 2003, 9955-9613-8-4.
Journey through hell: Weiss, Reska; out of print.
Judenrat: Trunk, Isaiah; U. Of Nebraska Press 1996, 0-8032-9428-X.
Kollaboration und Massenmord: Stang, Knut; Peter Lang 1996, 3-631-30895-7.
Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction: Gilbert, Martin; Harper Collins, 0-06-057083-0
Litvaks, The - A short history of the Jews in Lithuania: Levin, Don; Yad Vashem 2000, 9653080849.
Masters of Death: The SS Einsatzgruppen and the invention of the Holocaust; Rhodes, Richard; Alfred A. Knopf 2002, 0-375-40900-9.
Mein Kampf: Hitler, Adolf; Valore Books & others, 395951054
National Socialist extermination policies: Herbert, Ulrich; Berghahn Books 2000, 1-57181-751-4.
Operation Babarossa 1941 (2) Army Group North: Kirchubel, Robert; Osprey 2005, 1-84176-857-X.
Pinkas Shavli: A diary from a Lithuanian ghetto (1941-1944): Yerushalmi, Eliezer; Yad Vashem 1958, Unavailable.
Righteous, The: Gilbert, Martin; Doubleday 2002. 0385-60200-X.
Siauliai Ghetto, The: lists of prisoners: Vilna Jewish Museum, 9955-9556-0-0.
SS: Hitler's Foreign Divisions: Bishop, Chris; Amber 2005, 1-904687-37-7.
Sword and the Cross: History of the Church in Lithuania: Suziedelis, Saulius; Our Sunday Visitor, 0-87973-416-7
Teach us to count our days: Katz; Nathan; Cornwall Books 1999,0-8453-4874-4
Vanished World of Lithuanian Jews, The: Nikzentaitis, A et al; Rodopi 2004, 90-420-0850-4.
Villa, the Lake, the Meeting, The: Wannsee and the Final Solution: Roseman, Mark; Allen Lane Penguin, 0-71--399570-X.
War of annihilation: Combat and genocide on the eastern front 1941: Megargee, Geofrey P.; Rowman & Littlefield 2006, 0-7425-4482-6.
Wartime experiences in Lithuania: Bogomolnaya; Rivka Lozansky; Vallentine Mitchell, 0-85303-406-0.
Years of Extermination, The: Nazi Germany and Jews 1939-1945: Friedlander, Saul; Harper Perennial, 978-0-06-093048-6.

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